About Us

butteflyiconWho we are

aboutSusty Kids, Inc., a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, develops in-school and after school enrichment programs for girls (Susty Girl), boys (Susty Boy) and girls and boys (Susty Kids) that inspire these children as they learn, retain and apply sustainable practices into their lives, families and communities.  All of our programs are no cost programs for the families.   We level the playing field for every child no matter who they are or where they come from.



How we got hereChinstrap-Penguin-resized-300x200

A 2008 National Geographic Expedition to Antarctica was a life changing experience for Susty Kids, Inc. founder Mary Cicalese. Humbled by the reality that climate change is real (yes there are waterfalls in Antarctica), the journey fueled her passion to research and learn more about sustainable solutions to preserve the planet so she went back to school. Ms. Cicalese graduated from Presidio Management School’s Executive Program and launched Green Research. One World. (GROW), a research firm focusing on environmental, social and economic implications while keeping a finger on the pulse of sustainable innovation.

Her research findings at GROW inspired her to found Susty Kids, Inc. and create the Susty Girl, Susty Boy and Susty Kids brands. Her tenet is simple: our children are our future and in order for them to learn how to sustain the planet, they must work together to learn from each other how to sustain their bodies, their minds and then their planet while making the world a better place to grow.


What we’re up to

Hang on! Our children are already making the world a better place to grow while having fun doing it. Our programs range from in-school programs to building out an online Susty Kids Network to creating a Susty Goes to Camp program.  Some of our current projects include:

  • The “What Does Susty Mean to Me?” Project
  • It’s All About the Blue (Marble)
  • Aquaponics and a Fish Named Larry
  • All Aboard For Aeroponics
  • Where our Food Comes From
  • The Butterfly Project
  • Crafting a Susty Recipe Book Starring Kale
  • Drawing and Painting Water Conservation Announcements
  • The Stop Junk Mail Campaign
  • The Quilting Project
  • Maker and DIY Kits for mini Robots and Squishy Circuits
  • The Hour of Code
  • 3D Modeling and Printing

icon01Our Key Goals This School Year

  • Create our own butterfly garden
  • Establish the Susty Kids Pen Pal Program with a school in Romania
  • Combine 5th and 6th grade Susty Girls and Susty Boys to create the Susty Explorer Program
  • Build a Hydroponics System
  • Construct Sustainable Living Labs
  • Combine the art of quilting and sewing with the energy of electronics
  • Launch Susty Girl at East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy
  • Pilot a Susty Environmental Program for Special Needs Kids
  • Introduce Susty Goes to Camp
  • Design an Underwater “Robot”