Our Approach

Voyage of the Blue Marble 2014 - 76Core to our mission is the belief in peer-to-peer communications that we define as the Susty Kids Network.  Every day children engage in sustainable practices through activities such as exercise, alternative ways to grow fruits and vegetables, composting, reducing junk mail, reducing waste, reusing available materials for new projects, and through self-defined Word of Mouth (WOM) advocacy.  Susty Kids Inc. is committed to enriching this successful behavior because it promotes long-term development of confidence, self-regulation, leadership, and a strong sense of community.

One of our future goals is to create an online Susty Kids Network to connect the children through a website designed and developed by the children.  This will extend their reach to other communities so the children can teach other, learn from each and inspire each other.  Susty Kids Inc. will oversee this process, and continue to focus on bringing partners (both online and in the field) to enrich the sustainable programmatic experience.