Program Objective

Our primary goals and program objectives are to:

  • SKI_WordleEducate and Inspire Susty Kids to be self-aware, community focused and confident
  • Strengthen and Expand the Program by supporting a balance of integrated community education and sustainable learning:
    • Promoting Literacy Through Little Free Libraries
    • Sustainable Community Living Labs
    • STEAM (Science. Technology. Environment. Arts. Mathematics.
  • Encourage healthy eating with locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Highlight outdoor activity through soil-less farming techniques
  • Emphasize the importance of balancing the body, the mind and the planet to make the world a better place to grow
  • Empower Susty Kids to become the next generation of sustainability leaders.  They will become tomorrow’s teachers, a master gardener, a chef, a musician, a writer, a poet, an oceanographer, or perhaps even a naturalist.  When given the right set of Susty tools for their toolboxes, the possibilities are endless!  They are our community’s agents of change