The Powered by Susty Program

PoweredbySustyFinalResized Team Work

Have you ever wondered where our food comes from?  For many children it is often a mystery. Many think that food life starts in a grocery store. But every food has its own great story and often a fun and interesting history!

“Powered by Susty” is a program offered by Susty Kids, Inc., to schools and other partners that provide in school and after school enrichment programs. We combine the environment and art and science to inspire kids to make the world a better place to grow.

“Powered By Susty educates your community’s children. They will learn where and how fruits, vegetables, grains and other foods are grown.  Together, we will explore soil-based farming and composting and then soil-less farming alternatives:  Aquaponics, Aeroponics and Hydroponics!  The children will nurture and sample the food they grow.  Land and water conservation, coupled with organic growing and healthy eating is always an ongoing theme.


We kick off Session 1 by learning about what we need to do to grow soil-based organic plants, fruits and vegetables.  We challenge the children to think about water, why it matters to the world and what it means for their drought stricken California community.

We round out this session with learning more about composting and what “cradle to cradle” means in the food world.   The children will participate in a compost adventure; getting dirty with worm composting and a feed the earth challenge.


Next up is Aquaponics! Children will be introduced to their very own miniature aqua farm and a fish named Larry.  Larry promises to get those creative juices flowing as the children learn that poop and pee are organic nutrients fueling the organic-based aquaponics ecosystem. We’ve got art and science hands on instruction and interaction at your base camp; reinforcing the reasons why this soil less farming alternative is a practical and important solution to securing our world’s natural land and water resources.

The children’s sketches, drawings, and photos will be part of their Susty Kids Recipe Book, a chronicling of their journey into healthy growing and sustaining.


Let’s face it.  Our children are our future farmers and they need to figure out how to grow and harvest nutritious food in small spaces without using traditional methods.  Let’s join together as we gear up to examine the future of the growing science called Aeroponics. It’s a high density growing system where plants’ roots are suspended in air and can reside inside small apartments, on a roof, and even in outer space!  NASA did experiments in space and found that the Asian Bean seedlings they grew using Aeroponics technology on the Mir space station in zero gravity grew even better than the same plants on Earth.  Simply put, Aeroponics is changing the way we grow and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables.

Your Little Susty Farmers will begin to understand the science by feeding the plants: spraying them with a nutrient and water solution, while realizing they are saving water because this mix is full recycled. After harvesting some of the bounty, your farmers will have fun creating healthy salads and smoothies and more; while explaining the beauty of the system through art and recipe creation in their Susty Kids Recipe Book.